adidas Yoga Clothing & Gear

Stretch and sweat in style with our collection of clothing and accessories designed for yoga enthusiasts. Discover our men’s and women’s yoga and pilates tights and shirts, find the perfect fit for your mat and reformer classes.


From May 10-22, join us on the adidas Running app and take one more breath for the places we play. Because for every 10 minutes you log, adidas will donate €1 to projects that provide education on sustainability and make sports facilities more resilient against extreme weather conditions – up to €1.5m.

adidas yoga

Whether you're starting your yoga practice or are looking for ways to add a challenge, the new adidas yoga collection was made so you can practice yoga. Ground yourself in your yoga practice through ease of movement. Make space for yoga and connect to the elements. Are you looking for a yoga collection made in part with recycled materials? Conscious choices and comfort go together in this adidas yoga collection, offering yoga outfits that meet all your needs. When you dress for your yoga practice, do so consciously.

Yoga Clothes

Finding the right yoga clothes for your day is an art. If you’re running out for coffee, the perfect pair of tights makes it easier to bounce around with ease. For days when you’re practicing on the mat, you’ll need a yoga outfit and gear that compliments every bend and stretch, so that you can stay as flexible as possible. Whether you’re staying fit in Believe This or our signature 3-Stripes brand, you can count on breathable mesh material to stay comfortable. It’s all about the right yoga attire that fits your vibe and helps you stay focused on whatever you need to get done. Find lightweight yoga wear for every step of your journey at adidas.

After your yoga session, it's important to wash your gear in order to keep your mat in it's best performance shape for as long as possible. Cleaning your yoga mat after each use is just as important as washing your gear after each class.