White Stan Smith Gear

Ace it in a fresh pair of white Stan Smith shoes. Worn on the tennis court in the 20th century by the legend of the same name, Stan Smith shoes are a great way to stand out and flow freely at your next match.

The ultimate icon, the Stan Smith sneaker

Few sneakers can genuinely lay claim to the title of iconic style royalty. The original 1971 custom Stan Smith, worn by the tennis legend after whom they are named, are beyond the label of iconic: a genuine legend in the history of designer activewear. Since the original design set alight the imaginations of a fashion-conscious generation, the adidas Stan Smith has been reborn in multiple iterations, all of which encompass the quality that adidas has come to be known for. The current range reflects the very best in high-quality materials and modern manufacturing breakthroughs while remaining faithful to everything that made the original icon it is today. Whether you are looking for a perfect recreation, or a remix on the fantastic original, our range offers the very best of the Stan Smith sneaker experience. A variety of high-quality materials, from mesh and quality rubber polymers to smooth grain leather, are incorporated into the reimagining of the classic. Some of the more bold aesthetic experiments reimagine what the Stan Smith sneaker offers, such as the rethinking of the sole and the implementation of an updated profile. Top-quality trending designs retell the story in modern sensibilities with a limited selection of options, completely rethinking the materials used, creating a fresh take that still embodies the pedigree of the range.

Timeless style for the whole family

The adidas Stan Smith range is available in all fits and sizes, including children’s sizes, accommodating all. Whether you are looking for the flawless clean design of the original masterwork or want to flaunt a take that reflects your style, there are a lot of options to choose from, all of which are designed with care and a reverence for the icon they iterate upon. Find your perfect fit and flaunt the iconic adidas legacy with confidence.