A birds eye view of a football pitch in a woodland.

For the places we play

Without a beautiful planet, there is no beautiful game.

A footprint in dry mud, made up of grass and plants.

The time for change is now

We get it. You’ve heard it all before.

The big unfounded claims. The empty promises. The opaque information.

You deserve better. We need better.
The way we see it, we need to focus on two things – waste and climate change.
Changing Materials. Wearing Longer. Reducing Footprint.
These are the actions that enable change.


96% of all the polyester we use in our products is now recycled. But our race is not over.

Our strategy for change

A man taking a picture of a white shoe

The end doesn't have to be the end

Sport is all about trying new things. And it’s time we start to think, create, and consume in completely new ways. Ways that put our most loved gear and our only planet first.
That’s why we launched Made to be Remade. You wear it. You return it. We can make it into something new. Find out how the end of one product can be the beginning of the next.

Our journey

We believe through sport, we have the power to change lives. It’s our truth. Here are the highlights of the most recent steps on our journey.