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Experience ultimate comfort and performance with adidas running shoes. No matter the run you’re taking on, our innovative technologies will keep you at your best whether you’re running to race or looking for an extra boost.

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Taking the Adizero legacy to the next-level at Adizero: Road to Records 2024! Discover the running franchise that empowers all runners to find their fast.
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RUN FASTER & FURTHER WITH OUR ADIDAS RUNNING SHOES Run faster and further with our wide range of adidas running shoes. Designed for superior comfort and performance, our running shoes will help you burst into action whether you're hitting the pavement, the park, the wide open road or heading onto a rougher surface. Our revolutionary foam BOOST technology - which stores thousands of visible energy capsules that unleash endless power every time your foot hits the ground - features in many of our key styles within this range and is an ideal complement for your active lifestyle. Which Running Shoes are Best? This depends entirely on the type of activity you regularly participate in, with our range of adidas running shoes designed specifically for different purposes. This ranges from regular jogging/walking at the lower end of the physical activity spectrum, to competitive track and field athletics or running a marathon at the higher end of the spectrum. How to Choose the Right Running Shoe? An investment rather than a mere purchase, our adidas running shoes range offer a variety of features specifically engineered to accelerate the runner throughout his/her step. However, to gain the full benefits from your pair of running shoes, adidas are happy to provide the following tips so you can make the best choice possible for your particular needs: Our running shoes models are divided into men's, women's and children's pairs. Determine the type of support your foot (degree of pronation) requires. Individuals with neutral or supinated pronation require running shoes with neutral support, whilst individuals with overpronation need running shoes with stable support. Take into consideration the type of surface you'll be running on - asphalt or treadmills respond best to shoes with a flat soft sole, whilst running on uneven ground will respond best to a stiffer sole. Conversely, cross-country running or covering large distances over loose surfaces will require a very rigid sole. The footwear you should choose can also be adjusted to the type of training you intend to undertake, with our adidas Revenge and Response sneakers best for warm up and sprints. For medium distance running, our Supernova and Ultra Boost sneakers with improved cushioning are a good choice, whilst for marathon running and long distance competitions - our adizero line is your best option. How Should Running Shoes Fit? Having selected the best from our wide range, based on your particular needs and preferences, the shoe should fit comfortably without being too loose or tight. In other words the fit should be "just right", which you can best determine when you try them on for size. If for whatever reason you're not happy with your purchase don't forgot you can always return them for free within 30 days!