10 Minutes of Running = 1 Plastic Bottle Cleaned Up*

*For every 10 minutes of running, and other running-based sports, such as tennis or football, adidas and Parley will clean up the equivalent weight of 1 plastic bottle — up to 250,000 kg.


Find out how to join Run For The Oceans.

Group of male and female runners by the ocean


It's time to get moving! Join Run For The Oceans today and together we can help end plastic waste.


Run For The Oceans is a global movement created to raise awareness of marine plastic pollution. Through sport, we believe that we have the power to achieve the impossible and inspire positive action to help end plastic waste. Run any time between May 23 and June 8. For every 10 minutes of running, or other running-based sports such as tennis or football, adidas and Parley will clean up the equivalent weight of 1 plastic bottle — up to 250,000 kg / 500,000 lbs.
In just a few simple steps you can join Run For The Oceans and help end plastic waste: 1. Download the adidas Running app to your mobile device 2. Tap on the Community tab and go to Challenges 3. Go to the Run For The Oceans challenge and tap Join Challenge 4. Track every minute from May 23 to June 8 You can also join through STRAVA, Joyrun, Yuedongquan and Codon.
Sign-up opens on May 9. Run For The Oceans 2022 starts on May 23 and ends on June 8. Whether alone or with a friend, you can run anywhere and as often as you like. But remember to track your activity on the adidas Running app to make every minute count!
We want Run For The Oceans to be a global and inclusive movement that harnesses the power of every running-based activity. Therefore, you will be able to participate by tracking any of the following activities: Running, Strolling, Hiking, Nordic walking, Treadmill, Elliptical, Tennis, Soccer, Trail Running, Golfing, Stair climbing, Track and Field, Basketball, Table Tennis, Volleyball, Squash, American Football, Handball, Padel, Baseball, Wheelchair activity, Beach Volleyball, Rugby, Cricket, Frisbee, Field Hockey, Plogging, Lacrosse, Virtual Running.
Once you are signed up for the challenge, it is easy to spread the word and get your friends involved. Just send them a direct invite link via the Share button on the adidas Running app. To reach even more people share your activity on your socials by tagging @adidasRuntastic and using #RunForTheOceans.
It means that for every 10 minutes of activity that you track during Run For The Oceans - from May 23 to June 8 - adidas and Parley will clean up the equivalent weight of 1 plastic bottle (up to a maximum of 250,000 kg / 500,000 lbs).
Since 2017, the initiative has united over 3 million runners around the world. Collectively, they have clocked up 25.5 million kms and raised $2.5 million to help Parley develop its youth education program, aimed at inspiring young people to join the ocean movement and to establish schools as local hubs in the fight against marine plastic pollution. But this is just the beginning.  Announced in March 2021 as part of its new strategy, ‘Own the Game,’ the expansion of Run For The Oceans in the coming years will create a more inclusive digital and physical community space. Between 2017 and 2025, adidas aims to achieve participation of a total of 40 million people.