A waist-up view of two women with one women facing the back of the other women with a basketball in between them and blue sky and a basketball post in the background.
A trio of images—a rear view of someone standing on an outdoor basketball court watching their shot arc toward the hoop, a rear view of someone under a blue sky wearing a grey hooded sweatshirt with large white adidas Basketball logo, a person standing with their arms crossed behind their back in a grey adidas Basketball t-shirt.


Outside the frenzy of constant change exists a state of satisfaction, a pursuit driven by passion—our why. A new short film collaboration from ILLIMITÉWORLD unpacks the inspiration behind The 2023 Collection, the latest from adidas Basketball.
A woman crouching and adjusting the hood of her sweatshirt
A person holding a basketball in their right hand wearing a grey adidas Basketball t-shirt
A man in a white shirt with an adidas Basketball logo standing in front of a white car and blue sky.
A rear view of a person with long braided hair dribbling a ball and wearing a white sweatshirt with an adidas Basketball logo
A blurred image of someone in grey shorts and a short sleeve shirt with white adidas Basketball logo dribbling a basketball
A rear view of someone adjusting the hood of their light green sweatshirt with a white adidas Basketball logo in front of a bright blue sky.
A man in a sleeveless grey sweatshirt with a white adidas Basketball logo, walking with both hands in his pockets beside an outdoor basketball court.


Don’t just turn the new page—start a new chapter. The next chapter of The 2023 Collection showcases a refined vision of sport-inspired pieces rooted in effortless hoops style. Classic silhouettes combine with a modern palette in an exploration of form, function, and color.
Basketball Grey Dame 8 ShoesBasketball Grey Dame 8 Shoes
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